I know everyone’s missed me!

I seem to have made myself extremely busy the last few days.

It all started when Blanche, my car, decided to test me.  The “Service Engine Soon” light popped on Friday as I was leaving work. I took it immediately to a mechanic to see what the problem was.  Blanche has tested me on several occassions. This time I’d had enough.  Enough with her games! She tried to patch things up Monday and the “Service Engine Soon” light went off. Nice try Blanche, nice try.

I got a new (TO ME!) car! My most important requirement was for it to have cup holders.  Ya’ll it had two cup holders in front and two in back. It even has a MOON roof.

 Blanche is now residing with my parents. I’m sure she’ll be very happy with them. Or she’ll die a slow death in their possession. Either way, she’s not my responsibility anymore.

There she is in all her glory. 

I will admit, I made my husband do most of the grunt work. Buying a car combines three of most hated things: salesmen, money, and driving.  I hate driving in front of people but I had to test drive it. It was humiliating. But the salesman said I did much better than most 15 year olds test driving.  Gee, thanks.

Then when we were going through the process of buying the car the salemen asked me what my gross pay was. I didn’t know what gross pay was. Well, I knew what it was but I didn’t.  Listen, I’m not a member of MENSA ok? My mom just shook her head in embarrassment and said, “Thank goodness your father isn’t here to witness this.” It’s true–if my father was there he would be calling me and emailing me daily asking me what my gross pay is. He still brings up things I did when I was in sixth grade.

To make a long story short, all of the gritty work is done and the car is mine. ALL MINE! Cupholders and all.