My husband was sick a couple of days ago. I know you’re all thinking, “Poor girl,” and I appreciate the sympathy.  Honestly is there anything worse than having a sick husband? I don’t think there is.  

I’m not sure when the point came in time that men turned instantly into little toddlers the minute they get sick. Don’t you just want to say, “I get it. You’re sick. I’ve been sick too, in fact I had the same thing you did and I still carried out all of my obligations and even was able to be a functioning member of society.” Instead you say, “Ohh I’m sorry honey. Can I get you anything? Should I make a special trip out of my way to get you some medication?”

I do have a couple of options though:

1. Take care of him and baby him while you are secretly enjoying all of the quiet and freedom of not having to cook dinner or do dishes.  Plus you finally get control of the remote.

2. Spike his soup/dinner with a sleeping pill.  Then he won’t bother to ask you to do anything for him because he will be quietly napping the day away.

3. Ignore him.

I usually chose option number three.  But that’s just because I’m a jerk.