• I’m going to make chili and pumpkin bread this weekend. Debating if I should skip slicing the pumpkin bread and just take bites off the whole loaf. 
  • I’ll be decorating for Halloween/Fall this week. I feel like this should have been done last weekend but I had more important things to do. I guess going with my sister-in-law to pick out her wedding dress is more important. I don’t know though, that’s still up for debate.
  • Mark my words, I will be drinking hot chocolate at some point this weekend.
  • The dog’s costumes came in the mail.  They look adorable in them. This gives me a full month to get the perfect picture of them. Trust me, it will be worth it.
  • I subscribed to about 10 different catalogs yesterday. It’s like free reading material people! I’m excited about that now, but in about a month when there’s 10 catalogs just laying around the house I’ll probably go crazy. My husband is still confused why I would do this.
  • Fall television has me extremely excited. I can hardly keep up with my DVR!
  • I un-lazied (I’m aware that is not even close to a real word) myself last night and finally pulled the weeds out of my flower bed. These weeds had gotten so full that they were covering up the walkway to the house. I was actually waiting for my husband to un-lazy himself and do it, buuuuuut that didn’t happen. 
  • I’m still too lazy to upload pictures to my computer.