Saturday night after a long day of bingeing and football watching my husband and I were just relaxing and watching television at home. We were in the process of going to bed and doing our normal routine: let dogs out, let dogs in after they obnoxiously bark at absolutely nothing, avoid washing my face, check Facebook…you know the typical routine type things.  We were both just sitting there when we heard a weird noise.  We both look at each other and I say, “Oh Sadie must be in the trash again.”

I go to pull her out of our bathroom where she delights in ripping up any form of toilet paper or Kleenex that she can get her grubby paws on but she was laying peacefully on our bed.

We both heard the noise again.

Oh it must be Lexi getting into something in the kitchen. Nope. She’s laying in the hallway.


We both go into the kitchen where the scratching noise is coming from. From the tiniest of tiny cabinets in our kitchen we hear a little “scratch scratch scratch…” A mouse. Just what we needed to add to the menagerie of animals/bugs that have been in our house.  “Squeak, Squeak, Squeak…”

My husband couldn’t sleep that night knowing that there was a mouse roaming through our house. Which of course all of his tossing in turning kept me up which was not ok.  We set traps out yesterday. Nothing.

This morning my husband checked the traps and he informs me, “Well, the peanut butter is gone but the trap is still set.”

Fantastic. So not only do we have a mouse, we have a smart mouse.

If you’re keeping score at home that’s Mouse-1, Us-0.  This means war.