Okay. Confession time. I loved troll dolls.  Loved them so much in fact that I had troll earrings. Scary.

Here I present to you what is left of my troll doll collection.

Say hello to the gang! Aren’t they terrifying? I’m not sure what part of my psyche needed these to feel good about myself.

I guess maybe they were so ugly that they made me feel better about myself. Only God knows why I wanted these.

Here’s the football troll. Isn’t he just the cutest thing ever? Not.

Hmmm.  Not really sure what this one is.  Bedtime troll possibly? Maybe “get out of my nightmares” troll? I do know one thing, the pink hair is totally clashing with the red pajamas.

Caveman troll. This one is my favorite by far. And I have a feeling Cro-Magnon men probably resembled the troll dolls too.

More than likely owning these dolls were a desperate attempt at me to fit in with other kids my age. It didn’t help.  But it is always fun to have things to look back on to say, “What was I thinking?”

Seriously though, what was I thinking?