A conversation with my husband last night:

Me: Have you ever thought about what would happen if you went blind while you were in the middle of driving somewhere?

Him: I can say without a doubt that that thought has not once crossed my mind.

Me: Never? Not once have you been driving and you thought, ‘hmm I wonder if I went blind right now what would I do?’

Him: Never.

Me: I mean really though, what would you even do? Would you get a ticket if you caused a wreck? I’m pretty sure a police officer isn’t going to believe the whole ‘I was suddenly struck blind and can’t see’ defense.

Him: This is the most irrational fear ever.

Me: Really? You mean like a grown man being afraid of a little mouse?

Him: Really? Like you being scared to call anyone EVER?

Me: …

Him: …

Me: dangit.