Saturday my husband and I and our friends Eric and Lauren trekked out on our annual pumpkin patch trip. Nothing really screams autumn and fall like going to pick pumpkins while it feels like Satan is breathing his hot breath all over you.  After about two steps onto the hallowed pumpkin patch grounds I had sweat dripping down my back.  That’s part of the beauty of living in Oklahoma I guess!

We were greeted by this monstrosity.

He unfortunately suffered a horrible accident that left one of his feet dangling in a totally different direction than the rest of his body. It was horrible actually.

I may have found my kindred spirit in a spider there. They had fake spider webs hanging everywhere and there was actually a spider who took the lazy way out and just nested in the fake spider webs. I felt he and I had a deep connection. It was heavy man.

I would have taken a picture but I have A.D.D. and got distracted by LOOK THERE’S PIGS!!!!

I wanted to scoop this piggy up and take him home! He was eating the mud and let me pet him. [I’m just generalizing that it is in fact a male. I didn’t have a chance to sex the pig.]

This one didn’t so much care for me. I tried to pet him and he ran. [Again, I’m using he and him as a generality. This could have been a mean girl for all I know.]

Here I am trying to have a photo shoot with a burro or a pony. I’m not familiar with equine so I’m not sure which it is. 

Is it just me or do I look miniature? I don’t mean skinny, I mean I look maybe four feet tall in this picture.

And again. The donk wasn’t so receptive to my posing skills. He chose to ignore me.

[Side tangent: I just noticed that lady in the pink shorts. I’m surprised my husband didn’t zoom past me and get a close up of her. End tangent.]

Ugh, I need new jeans.

End scene.