Friends, I am an embarrassment to society. The End.

Monday night we met a couple of friends at Cracker Barrel for dinner, well technically it was dinner but we all ate breakfast.  I love Cracker Barrel with all of my heart. I guess that’s the country girl in me screaming to get out and have her voice heard. Their breakfasts are just the bee’s knees. 

I ordered my typical biscuits and gravy, bacon, eggs and hashbrown casserole. If you haven’t had the hashbrown casserole or at least made it before do it. Now. I’ll wait to finish my story until you come back.

Ok, you’re back. Fabulous!

As I was saying, I was enjoying my meal when I saw some gravy got on my arm. A few seconds later my lovely friend Lauren started laughing and said, “You do realize we’re in public don’t you?”

You ALL I had licked that gravy off of my arm. I must have had a momentary lapse of my surroundings and forgot I was in public. Not that I would ever lick gravy off my arm in private. Ok, I would and do. You caught me.

My husband just shook his head in disgust. And I was actually a little embarrassed with myself. And it takes a lot to embarrass me.

And I just got done talking about how my father shouldn’t be allowed in public. 

It runs in the family.