The “it” in this case is furniture.  As you are well aware if you ever buy anything from IKEA it inevitably has to be put together.

We bought a buffet (or a sideboard or a place to hide all my junk mail and pens and just junk in general) and obviously it had to be put together.

The dogs were useless, which is nothing new.  The whole not having thumbs was their excuse this time.

[Again these pictures are on my cell phone and again I’m not sorry about it.]

I wouldn’t trust a dog who consistently wraps her head around table legs anyway.

And this one…this one was a great manager. She’d come in and check on our progress every so often and then go lay back down and sleep for an hour. Sounds like a typical manager to me!

The construction process always begins so innocently…

“Eh, a few pieces. This should take an hour-tops.”

Then you open the accessory bag.

Welcome to my nightmare. (Hi toes!) Well, technically it’s not my nightmare, it’s my husband’s nightmare. He won’t really let me help him since I’m so accident prone. Case in point-I somehow got a really bad papercut during this whole process.

I don’t think there’s anything manlier than a man holding a drill.

That “hour-tops” turned in to about three hours. The doors just weren’t cooperating and I had to keep my husband calm otherwise the buffet may have ended up in a thousand pieces. 

TA-DA! Finished product. I can’t wait to hide stuff in the doors AND to have the top of it covered in junk mail. 

I give it two months before it starts to fall apart. Tops.