It’s been a while since I’ve set some goals for myself. I know people say if you don’t give yourself goals you’ll never have anything to shoot for. Here are my goals for the next few years in no particular order:

1. Have a blog where people in the comments want to say “FIRST!” That will be when I know I’ve made it. Thanks to Kelly in the comments I can now check this one off my list. I’VE MADE IT BABY!

2. Become rich.

3. Become rich while being as lazy as possible.

4. Learn how to make homemade cinnamon rolls.

5. Pet a baby tiger and/or hippo.

6. Go to New York during the holiday season.

7. Try lettuce again. Maybe the taste will grow on me.

8. For once in my life shave my legs two days in a row.

9. Pay to have pants tailored and not use Mighty Mend It to do it myself.

10. Don’t take a day for granted.

11. Triple the count of dogs I own (total equaling 6 dogs) and maybe throw in a hamster or two. Or maybe a pig or a goat. I can’t decide.

12. Hopefully not have any kids. [knock on wood people, knock on wood]

13. Try to become my parent’s favorite child. Stupid older brother. I thought the middle child was supposed to be ignored, not be the favorite.

14. Get my mom to comment on my blog, hence me writing numero 13 above.

15. Become friends with Britney Spears.  Or a good tranny look-a-like would also suffice.

I’d say that’s a solid fifteen to work on in the next few years. I’ll keep you updated with any progress I make on the list.

…don’t expect to see any updates. Ever…