I had high hopes for the dog’s costumes this year. I had them ordered and in my possession before September was even over. I had a wonderful idea for a backdrop. Then fall happened and the sun disappeared when I had spare time to take pictures. Yesterday, on Halloween, was the first time I had a chance to set up the shot for the dogs. And it failed. Miserably.

With Plan B in action I got a few decent shots but the fantasy I had pictured in my head was long gone.

I present to you the Blowfish of 2010…

Look, I realize that fish don’t walk on land or chew on sticks, but I take what I can get people.

Which Lexi didn’t really need a costume. She’s naturally shaped like a blowfish.

And please ignore the 3,000 pieces of lawn furniture we have sitting on our porch. It’s an issue I’m working through.

Sadie was too pre-occupied with a stick to pose properly. Instead of her being the blowfish, let’s just pretend the blowfish is eating her. Then it may make more sense…no it really doesn’t.

We tried and tried and TRIED to get one of them to hold the McPumkin’ in their mouth but they wouldn’t do it. We even put peanut butter on the handle and of course they just licked it off. Idiots!

And if you’re wondering what the other attempt at pictures looked like, here’s the best shot from it:

It had so much potential.

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween and had much more success than we did in getting a good picture. I’m starting to think of different costumes already for next year.

I have approximately two months to get a good Christmas card shot…