There are many times in life that inanimate objects fail me. From a broken down car to a busted straightener, I’m constantly reminded why I can never trust an inanimate object.

But what if we looked at it from their side.

This is the story of a loofah. Enjoy.

There the loofah is minding its own business by the tampons and cotton balls. Content with life at this point but ready for something bigger and better.

At this point in its life the loofah is just happy to have been picked. It’s not sure what it has been picked for per say, but it knows it now has a purpose.

The loofah is happy to have a permanent residence. He can now easily apply for a job without people accusing him [yes the loofah has gone from an “it” to a “he.”] of being homeless. Not a thing could be wrong in the world on this day.

The loofah finally figures out his purpose. It’s to rub off dead skin and clean. He’s happy he has a meaning to his life now. This phase is pure bliss for the loofah, unfortunately not everything stays the same forever.

Oh no! What’s happening? As he ages the loofah begins to slowly unravel. He’s been working for a few weeks now at his job. He’s gotten comfortable, maybe a little too comfortable. He starts to fall apart at the seams.  Like any other loofah would, he acts like nothing’s afoot.

As much as he doesn’t want to, internally the loofah has accepted that he is indeed falling apart and slowly losing his purpose in life. He still denies it externally but internally he knows, oh he knows.

The loofah at this point gets extremely desperate and tries to prove that he can still clean and kill dead skin. It’s a lost cause because it’s obvious to everyone around him that it’s time to give up.

And so he does.

*Loosely based on a true story*