I absolutely HATE, and I mean hate with all of my heart, trying on clothes. In my mind there is nothing more depressing than trying on a crisp pair of jeans.

This Saturday I’m going to a banquet for my husband’s work. All of my clothes look like I’ve ripped them off a homeless person, so I thought I’d look for something new. I dragged my husband out with me to go looking for a dress that wouldn’t embarrass me or him. (English sidenote tangent: I hate that it’s dragged and not drug. It just sounds wrong.)  The only problem is, is the moment I put on anything I immediately go to the things that look awful instead of the things that look good. I’m sure I’m not alone in that considering that’s why people try on clothes in the first place.

Obviously my main goal when buying clothing is to conveniently hide all my flaws. Generally a cardigan does the trick. Unfortunately last night no cardigan was big enough to cover all the flaws I saw. Of course my husband thought I looked great but all I saw was cankles and a gut. I always like to think I have that body dismorphic disorder and that maybe my brain is seeing something totally different from what is actually in the mirror. More than likely this is not the case here.

Needless to say I did not leave with any purchases and went to Target and bought four dog costumes (75% OFF!) and discounted Halloween candy to soothe my psyche . But let me tell you, people tend to judge you when it’s a week after Halloween and you’re walking around with four dog costumes. I was about five seconds away from getting on the PA system and announcing to Target, “Yes everyone I have FOUR dog costumes. I just got done trying on clothes and it’s the only thing keeping me sane. Get over it…”

And that was my Thursday night. How was yours?