So going into this month I was all, “Ok, I’m going to save every extra penny I can so I can provide my husband and family a nice Christmas.” And then life happens. And when I say life I mean I can’t seem to stop buying stuff. BUT I’m not a shopaholic, so please don’t turn me in. That’s probably exactly what a shopaholic would say, but really I’m not one. I promise!

There’s just something about this time of year that makes me want to, as *NSYNC would say, BUY, BUY, BUY. However most of the time it’s not for myself, it’s for others. All together now, “Ohh that Angela is a saint I tell you. A SAINT!”

Let’s go through the lists of purchases the last few days:
-4 dog costumes, discounted Halloween candy
-A dress for my husband’s banquet (I found one that didn’t make me hate myself totally, just partially.)
-Grey (or is it gray-I’m so confused) tights
-The removal of a tooth from a brown dog (ok, so that one was unavoidable but still expensive)
-Soft dog food that brown dog has to have for ten days
-A subscription to Shape magazine
-A hat that I was supposed to buy my husband for our wedding anniversary two months ago. Love you honey!
-Brown dog’s prescription at Walgreens where I left there with a bag of Christmas cookies, a bag of Cadbury balls and a lint remover. Those are all total necessities in my life.
-And three trips to WalMart for groceries and other unnecessary items that were probably not needed.

Just know mentally I’ve spent another $10,000 on other unnecessary items. Mom, you can find those items on my Christmas list.

I guess my family is getting pictures of my new car and the dog’s missing tooth for Christmas. YOU’RE WELCOME and Merry Christmas to you too!