So if you don’t follow me on Twitter first of all you should and secondly you missed my traumatic morning.

I started off my morning just like every other morning: avoiding the sound of the alarm clock and dogs begging to go outside. Also dreading getting on the treadmill. I have to psyche myself up every morning to not be lazy and just run dangit!

As I was running on the treadmill and getting to the point where I do a quick minute sprint there was a pivotal point in the episode of Saved By the Bell I was watching. It was the episode where Jessie’s dad is marrying the much younger aerobics instructor. Well Jessie’s dad had just yelled at her when both of my feet hit the front part of the treadmill and my feet came out from underneath me and I fell.

I fell hard.

And I sat there for a second trying to process what just happened. The dogs even ran in to check on me.  Then I realized the treadmill was still running and my knees were sitting on the belt that was turning at a very rapid pace. My knees were on fire.  I got back up and kept running like a good, disciplined runner would. I had to roll up my pants to keep my knees from bleeding into the pants. But I did finish my whole run, thank you very much.

 The good news is, is that Jessie came to terms with her father getting married and I am going to be just fine. The bad news is, is that there is no hidden camera at my house so I have no footage of this incident. I do feel like this is a good excuse to not work out for the rest of the week.

I’ll take any excuse I can get.