One of my co-workers won tickets to the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball game last night. He couldn’t go so he gave me his four tickets. Isn’t that thrilling? I know you all are on the edge of your seat to know what happened next!

Well, not much happened actually. I really love going to basketball games and all large public events, mainly because I love to people watch. Most of the time you can find me with my head turned in the opposite direction of where the actual sporting event is taking place. There’s always something going on much more interesting than what is actually going on on the court. There’s nothing more satisfying when you’re people watching and you catch someone tripping or making a fool of themselves.

Two things always happen at concerts or sporting events when I attend them. First, I’m always, ALWAYS, in a row where a kid has to get up and leave twenty thousand times throughout the event. Happened last night and I think I got up and down so much it would have been considered a workout. Secondly, I am always sitting behind the tallest person in the venue. I am a whopping 5’2″ and without a doubt a person that is at least twice my height (yes, TEN FEET TALL!) will be seated in front of me. And they’ll want to stand the entire time. I know I’m not the only one that this happens to, but at the time I always feel so alone in my bitterness.

I’m going to another sporting event this weekend so I’ll fill you in on Monday if I caught anyone tripping or spilling beer all over themselves. Fingers Crossed people, fingers crossed.