After this weekend I don’t think I’m ever going to eat again. Never.  After gorging myself for roughly 56 hours straight I need a break.  How long can you go health wise without eating?

Ok, that’s never going to happen. Especially since I’ve already had Cheerios and am getting ready to indulge myself in some Chef Boyardee Ravioli here in a few minutes. It is the 98% fat-free kind, so I’m sure that makes it healthy.

In addition to eating half of the food supply for the whole city of Lincoln, NE, I also was there to visit my husband’s family and go to a football game. You all will be SO proud of me–I actually watched a few minutes of the game I was at! I also was about five feet away from Larry the Cable Guy at one point if that impresses you. If it annoys you then just ignore that last statement.

Also, ignore this blurry picture of the side of his head.

I would say on a scale of one to best friend, Larry and I are indeed best friends. 

Please though, don’t ignore this picture.  

I wouldn’t want someone else to think this is a sexy pose like I must have thought and repeat the same mistake. I sort of look like an early inclusion into the evolutionary chart.

Not much else can be said about the weekend. I think that picture pretty much sums it up: I’m special. Also, sadly this is the best picture of me that came out of the whole weekend.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll have something interesting to say. What did you all do this weekend?