…I just ate two Tootsie Rolls. (I know, I know-I’m talking about food again.) (And also I’m technically not supposed to be eating sugar this week. Oops!)

…I guilted my husband into doing the dishes last night. Maybe I’ll share my secret with you sometime.

…I am overcome with the holiday spirit! That includes listening to Christmas music already.

…My dogs finally can eat hard dog food again which means no more nauseating soft, canned dog food.

…I got to wear my red pea coat for the first time this season.

…we’re planning a friends Thanksgiving for this weekend. Like I need an excuse to eat more food.

…It’s another day that I’m not pregnant. [knock on wood]

…I’m having tacos tonight for dinner!

…I’ve already worked out for the day so I have nothing to do tonight but catch up on television.


…I had a random tree trimmer wave at me. I must look good today…not.

…I got a free can of expired Sprite at work. I’m sure this will immediately turn into a regret.

I may come back and add to the list as the day gets more fantastic or goes down the crapper. The tone of this post may change dramatically if something tragic happens.

Chime in, what has made your day fantastic? Or totally crappy?