I’m going to throw some truthiness at you today. I’m having a “why me?” kind of day. You know those days where you feel like the whole world is against you and everything good is happening to everyone but me. The reality is, is that everyone has horrible days and my life is not bad by any means.

Let’s review my why me’s:

Why am I the only one who ever has to get up sooo early and exercise first thing? [Reality: I actually don’t get up that early (6:50am) and I don’t really exercise as hard as I should be exercising.]

Why am I so puffy and large–I do so much and everyone else is skinnier than me? [Reality: I ate almost a whole pumpkin pie this weekend. I haven’t worked out to my full potential in probably a month. Maybe those are two places to begin with this particular problem.]

Why does all this awesome stuff happen to everyone but me? [Reality: You have to actually work at achieving your goals and dreams. They don’t just fall into your lap. There’s no such thing as a successful lazy person. Although I would love to be the first.]

Why do I have no money–ever? [Reality: No really, why do I never have money?]

Why is my dog the only dog that ever poops on a scale in public? [Reality: The vet’s office would probably rather poop on the scale than on their hand so I guess that’s actually a good thing.]

This is the reality of my life–I’m always upset about something but I never do anything to fix it. It’s laziness people. It’s a disease. And from this day forward I pledge to face my problems head on and do something about them. Or maybe I’ll just stop complaining. That sounds a lot easier than actually doing something about it.