Not figuratively drowning in balls, literally drowning in them. Today lets talk about childhood experiences that shaped the phobias you now have as an adult. This particular story centers around me being traumatized for life by a ball pit at a certain establishment known as Showbiz Pizza.

Anyone remember this place? Obviously now most (if not all) are Chuck-E-Cheese’s. This place always scared me as a child. That gorilla up there? He may tickle the ivories like no other gorilla I’ve seen but he ruined me of ever liking gorillas. And keyboards. He made me cry on several occasions. And I do realize he was just an animatronic gorilla, but still, as a five-year old it was distressing.

Back to the story at hand. I was a wee child, maybe four or five at the time. We were celebrating one of my brother’s birthdays at the fine establishment mentioned above. There I was in the ball pit minding my own business with probably three of four hundred other kids in there with me. [I can’t even imagine the germs that were floating around in there.] All of the sudden I got pushed and trampled and somehow ended up under layers and layers of plastic balls. I felt like I couldn’t breathe and that this was in fact the end of my life. I vaguely remember putting my hand up through the balls to try to signal for help. I’m sure I was crying and screaming for help. Then out of no where a random stranger pulled me out to safety and into my mother’s arms.

It was a harrowing experience. I’m sure I could have been the first victim of a ball pit drowning if that man wasn’t there to save me. Am I being dramatic? Of course I am. Without a shadow of a doubt I believe that every phobia I have as an adult leads back to this one event. I think it also ties in to my hatred of vegetables.