This is the first weekend in a while that we have no plans. Nothing. And I am so excited about it.

Things I hope to accomplish this weekend:

Ok, that’s not totally true.

I really would love to sleep in, but I know the dogs won’t allow that.

Maybe watch a movie with a fire going. In the fireplace, I obviously don’t want to set my house on fire.

Listen to Christmas music while drinking hot chocolate. The hot chocolate must have whipped cream or marshmallows in it. Or both.

Finish up Christmas shopping. My budget is already blown so I might as well blow it some more. (That sounds wrong in a lot of ways) That’s why God created credit cards. And I still have to get the little fur monsters presents!  Any fun dog toys anyone can suggest?

Eat until I can’t eat anymore. I’ve been doing this since Thanksgiving so why break the streak now.

Relax. I have no football to stress over, no traveling to worry about, no dog related things looming.  I think I’m just going to watch pointless reality television all weekend where my brain does not have to work.

Avoid cleaning. That’s a weekly ritual that can’t be broken.

What do you all have brewing this weekend?