Wow, where have I been? Apparently I’ve been busy or at least the lack of posting makes it look that way.

I have one question for you today: How could I have possibly injured myself while sleeping? I’m sitting here at work in pain because I somehow injured my shoulder-blade. I’m sure this is setting me up for some trauma that’s going to happen while I actually have time off from work. It never fails that when I have vacation time I always get sick. ALWAYS.

I think the injury really is from a behemoth of a dog stealing my whole side of the bed. Now I would normally just lightly tap her with my foot to get her to move, ok honestly I would have kicked her-literally, until she hopped off the bed.  Unfortunately Monday night my husband hardly slept so I was trying to not wake him up. See how respectful I am? I am without a doubt the best wife ever. 

Instead I quietly got up, gave up my spot (and dignity) and slept on the couch and I think I pinched a nerve in my shoulder-blade or possibly dislocated my shoulder. I may be over exaggerating  a bit but I was not in pain before I went to bed and now I am in pain. I do remember fighting off a dinosaur in my dreams so maybe that has something to do with it.

So here I sit, possibly dying a slow and painful death, or possibly with something minor like a pinched nerve. Either way I’m grumpy, sleepy, and hungry. Three out of the seven dwarfs. This is going to be a long day.