I’ve been called a lot of things in my life: hairy, fat, skanky, nubby…the list could go on and on. And Mom, I’m just joking about the skanky part…maybe. Two things that I’ve been called that are supposed to be insults I take as a compliment: weird and odd. To me being considered weird is an endearing quality. You all probably think I’m nuts for thinking that.

Yes, I like to talk to my dogs like they’re people. I know it’s weird but I like it. Yes, I like to skip and dance around stores every once in a while because it’s fun–it may be embarrassing to the people I’m with but it’s fun to me. Yes, I can’t look at myself in the mirror when I’m brushing my teeth. Why? I have no clue–but it’s something that makes me, me. Do I often say things before thinking? Always…and that’s why most of the things that come out of my mouth are incoherent babble!

Could you imagine life if everyone was the same? That would be so boring snoring. We all have our weird, odd sides. I love that side of people! I love making my husband do things that are normally embarrassing to people but not to me. Although one of my favorite games to play is “Try to Embarrass the Person You’re With” game. It never works on my mom but always works on my husband and friends [cough, cough-Lauren]. 

So today, I encourage you to send a random email to your best friend (I did, and all it said was “meat.”) dance through the aisles of a store (did that last night) or sing at the top of your lungs in a parking lot (I’ll add that to my to-do list for the weekend.) Just don’t do anything to get yourself arrested.  

Let me know some of your weird qualities. Weirdness is contagious!