Lazy winter days…as captured by yours truly.

Here’s my typical set up at home. Remotes-check! Laptop-check! Target Christmas catalog-check! Nerdy Sy-Fy show on tv–CHECK! (Ghost Hunters for those of you unfamiliar-nerd alert!)

Snowman and sheep sheepishly smiling at me. Oh I am HILARIOUS! It sort of looks like they both just need some Bean-O.

A rare sighting of Sadie by the food bowl. Of course just getting a drink, not actually eating. I’m pretty sure I have an anorexic dog.

My blurry husband coming home from a basketball game after I’d been sitting on my butt all day.  Pretty typical of our relationship.

Fireplace. Another creepy smiling snowman. These pics were all taken from my view at home, while sitting, and using my camera phone because I’m too lazy to stand up, move around, and get my actual camera to take pictures.

You’re welcome.