Raise your hand if you’ve had an awkward moment in Wal-Mart?

(Raising my hand multiple times)

Usually I bring these awkward moments on myself, but not this time. I think last night may have won the most awkward award. 

My husband (Can I just refer to my husband as Brian from now on? It feels so impersonal to keep saying ‘my husband this’ and ‘my husband that.’) and I were minding our own business in the snack aisle, only to look at 100-calorie packs I SWEAR, and this lady kept staring at us. I was arguing with him about whether he wanted one or not. I’m not sure how that’s even an argument–of course you want 100-calorie packs. So the lady keeps staring at us. Finally we start walking off and I hear her saying something to Brian.


“Umm hi,” Brian says.

I’m thinking, “Oh this is why she’s staring because she knows him.”

Then she says, “Were you two signing to each other?”

We both give each other a “what the heck” look and say, “Oh no. No…ummm no.”

I mean honestly what do you say to that?

This is when I start walking off and leave my husband to fend for himself.

All my husband had to say was, “I wish I knew how to sign.” Uh yeah honey, good save.

Apparently while I had my back to her before this awkward conversation she kept flashing my husband the ‘I Love You’ sign. Which is super awkward in and of itself. I would have knocked her cold if I had known that. Plus she was about 75 so I didn’t take it as her hitting on him. But I could be wrong.

My mind is just boggled at what we were doing that even remotely looked like signing. My bet is she was crazy and we actually weren’t doing a thing.

Oh well, just another strange encounter at the local Wal-Mart. Nothing out of the ordinary.