On Thursday night January 6th we got a call saying that my husband’s grandmother was having a heart attack.  A couple of hours later she had passed from this world to her reward in Heaven. It was a shocking and gut-wrenching tragedy to say the least.

This picture of her and my husband was taken at Christmas. She would probably faint if she knew I was putting her picture on my blog for the world to see. But she needs to be seen and talked about because she was a beautiful woman inside and out. She cared for people more than any person I know. She always put family and friends before her own needs. I will always think of her as my own grandma because she was a grandma to me when I had none.  

There’s a million things that could be said about her but the things she would want you to know about herself is that she loved her family and would do anything (and she did!) for them. She was the true matriarch of my husband’s family.

It’s hard to say goodbye to someone, but memories of her will live on in our hearts, minds and the way the family reflects her attitude of ‘family first.’ She will be loved and remembered for the rest of our lives.

Love you grandma!