I was really hoping during the grieving process I would be one of those people who didn’t ever want to eat and just looked sick because I hadn’t eaten enough. I thought this would be the one moment in my life where someone said, “You need to eat something you look too skinny.” Oh no, my tummy and God had other plans. If calculated, I think I ate an entire buffet’s worth of food in the matter of a week. People, very nice people, kept bringing food: cookies, brownies, cheese, crackers, chili, soups, breads, the list could go on and on. Oh and one person had the audacity to bring a whole box of Hostess products. And every product was delicious. BECAUSE I TRIED THEM ALL!

Fast-forward to this week, when my pants are too tight and my coats aren’t fitting over my clothes anymore. I tell everyone I run into, “I’ve gained sooooooo much weight in these last couple of weeks.”

Their response? “You look great to me!” or “You don’t look any different!”

This infuriates me on so many levels.

Either A: they’re lying and I’ve really put on the weight


B: I was delusional and had really not lost the weight I had.

I know I’m not delusional because the very pants I’m wearing at this moment were loose not two months ago and this morning I could barely button them. Which means everyone is LYING to me. Including my husband.

Well the diet starts today. And I’m sure that will be closely followed by a cheat day. That’s just the way my life works these days.