Last week, Brian and I went to Dallas. For him it was work related and for me it meant a trip (albeit a quick trip) to Ikea. Did you know I’m the Queen of Conversation? Well you may not have known that but I am. I can pretty much make a conversation out of anything. It’s mainly out of necessity because I hate awkward silences and also I hate making small talk with people. Which also gets me to my other nickname Queen of Pretending Like People Aren’t There So I Don’t Have To Make Awkward Conversation.

I know. Long nickname, right? People might as well call me Angela. But never under any circumstance call me Angie.

Let me get to my point here, as we were driving many different things came up: why Bigfoot doesn’t just give up the charade and come out of hiding, if you could own any zoo animal what animal would that be, and obviously many questions about cows. Because that’s all you see driving to Dallas is cows. And ostriches.

I had the best idea ever though. I want to own a neighborhood and name every street after a dinosaur.

Just think about it:
Triceratops Terrace
T-Rex Trail
Stegosaurus Street
Brontosaurus Boulevard
Dilophosaurus Drive
Raptor Road
Corythosaurus Circle (Yes I looked that one up)

The possibilities are endless! And can you imagine the look on your face if you received a piece of mail from Raptor Road? I know I’d have a smile from ear to ear. Could you imagine the neighborhood get-togethers? And obviously it would be a requirement to have a small replica of each dinosaur to represent the street names.

My husband was totally on board with this. Now to get the millions of dollars to finance it…