This week the dogs decided to be little turds.

The end.

Ok, not really.

I have not had one morning go by without at least one of them waking me up. And it’s not like the “Oh yes, I still have three hours of slept left” wake-up. It’s the “You stupid dog–I had ten minutes of sleep left and you ROBBED ME OF THAT” wake-up. It’s annoying to say the least.

Sadie, the brown one, is the main culprit. She scratches to get out, so I let her out. Then ten minutes later she scratches for me to get up. Just to sit out there with her. All she does is sleep on the couch after she forces me out of bed. It’s like a game to her. A sick, mind-bending game.

I’m pretty sure the only reason these two are not sleeping well is because of two small, itty-bitty changes to the bedroom. (I almost typed their bedroom–Freudian slip I suppose.) We took out the rug and changed out their beds from the bedroom and put the ones from our living room in the bedroom. BABIES-get over it and leave me alone!

A couple of mornings ago the black one woke me up by sitting right next to me in bed, her face in my face, whining. All she wanted was attention.

HMPH! Do these dogs know how much I value my sleep? They may find out if they wake me up one more time. They will find themselves sleeping in the doghouse.