I survived the Snowpocalypse! And I know, I know I should be writing about snow and the dogs and how much they LOVE to play in it, but I don’t wanna’ and you can’t make me.

Instead I’m revealing to you something embarrassing. It’s only embarrassing because it makes me sound crazy. I am crazy–but I think I’m the good crazy, not the senile crazy.

You be the judge.

Often times when I’m doing the laundry I’ll be sitting there minding my own business and I’ll think, “Hmmm…the washing machine finished that load really fast.” I get up and check on it and this is what I see:

I forgot to shut the lid. I can’t tell you how many times I do this every week. Seriously, how do I forget to close the lid?

Then, to take it a step further, my husband went to get food and he returned to this:

I was putting some drinks in there to cool off quickly and apparently shutting the lid was too much for me to remember. He walked in holding the drinks and I said, “Oh how did you even know I put those in there?” He replied, “Well, idiot, you left the lid open.” (He didn’t really say idiot but I could tell he was feeling it.)

People, what is with me? Why does my brain have that disconnect between opening the lid and closing the lid. This is why I can never be a surgeon. “Hmm where did I leave that scalpel again?” Oh that and I want to pass out at the sight of insides.

I really believe there’s no cure for this. I think Brian is just going to have to follow me around shutting lids for the rest of his life.