This friend of mine, psychotic friend that is, Ginny thought it would be fun to train me and I happily, (delusionally?) agreed. You see she’s certified to train people in CrossFit (Ginny if I have that wrong correct me please) and she’s basically got a whole gym in her garage.

Let me first show you a picture of, as I lovingly refer to her as, THE BEAST.

Look at her! She’s amazingly strong and very passionate about her workouts. She was also a very patient trainer.

I won’t go into the boring details about the workout, but I will say that I think I died three or four times during it. It’s fast paced and high intensity and quick. My whole workout only took a little over ten minutes, but like I said, it felt like three lifetimes because I almost, not to be overly dramatic, DIED. I won’t even mention how her husband and his friend were doing snatches and jump roping like it was NOTHING while I’m about to pass out after doing basic moves. I know inside their heads they were thinking, “Ehh rookie…”

God bless her little soul though, she kept trying to teach me certain moves and my brain just has trouble comprehending things sometimes. So finally she just said, “Ok, that’s good. Let’s move on…” Which translates to, “Ok, you’re never going to get this and I’m sick of watching you make a fool out of yourself.”

Ginny was such a great instructor (if you’re in OKC and actually know her get a hold of her. She’ll help you out!) and she should be. I mean she did get voted “Friendliest” in our high school’s superlatives. For future reference, I was voted “Most Likely to Become a Talkshow Host.”

Still waiting for that call Oprah…still waiting.