There’s always a certain moment in your life when you know you’ve hit a new low. That moment for me was last night.

Brian and I had just come home from the store and you all know what happens when you get home from the store right? You start opening everything and eating it like you’ve never had a meal in your whole life and you MUST taste that cookie or you will just die!!

I had a 100 calorie package of guacamole that I was eating with chips. There was still some left, but not enough to use a chip to dip it up. So I did what any logical, level-headed person would do. I licked the package clean.

The only problem was, was that I wasn’t alone. And Brian had turned to say something to me right at that precise moment that my tongue licked that last bit of guacamole out. I should have been ashamed, but I wasn’t. I proudly said, “Yes, I’m licking the last of the guacamole out of its package.” His only response was, “I thought I saw that right…”

Here’s the problem…not two minutes later was I opening a Smart Ones Chocolate Eclair. Well, some of the chocolate stuck to the top of the package. And you know where this is going. Yes, I was busted a second time in less than five minutes licking something off of a package.

Listen, it could be worse, I could be eating food out of the trashcan. Oh wait…I’ve done that too.

Don’t ask…