Last weekend Brian went on a last-minute ski trip to New Mexico with his friend Eric. Lauren, Eric’s wife, and I were stuck in Oklahoma to have a girl’s weekend. Ugh-what are two girls to do with their husbands out-of-town? Eat and watch HGTV of course!

But this post isn’t about eating or food. How do I always manage to turn everything into food and eating?

Back to the topic at hand…

While Brian was enjoying this view

he was also missing me terribly.

He was missing me so much in fact, that he thought of me in a gas station on the way home and got me a present I’ll treasure forever.

Wait for it…

Wait for it…


A child-size t-shirt of a mystical, white horse. If that doesn’t scream New Mexico, I don’t know what does! And child-size? My husband is adorable isn’t he?

This shirt to me is very reminiscent of the infamous Three Wolf Moon shirt from Amazon. Am I right? But this one has lightning which makes it infinitely times more cool than the Three Wolf Moon shirt.

I’m going to wear this sucker until holes are bore into it. Finally a t-shirt I can wear to nice events like weddings and work parties. Thanks honey you really out-did yourself this time!