Listen, I was not what you would call “popular” in high school. I wouldn’t say I was unpopular but I was definitely not popular. I never went to prom, I never went to parties, and I really didn’t ever date. Wow, maybe I was unpopular. It probably had something to do with my poufy hair and hairy arms.

I really didn’t care though. It wouldn’t bother me if my Friday night consisted of a little TGIF and some bonding time with my parents. Maybe this sounds like more of the Friday night you all had, but, I know most people in my high school were out partying and living it up.

On top of all of the bonding with the Olsen twins I was doing during TGIF, I was also doodling. Some major doodling if you ask me.

This is what started it off. I think I saw someone’s henna tattoo in a magazine or something and it just blew up from there.

If you’ll notice, I did do all of these on notebook paper and this one has the holes on the sides to prove it! Obviously I’m a natural artist, obviously.

I’m not sure what message I was trying to convey with this one. I’m sure it was pretty deep since Earth was at the center of this one.

Why would I have needed a boyfriend in high school when I have markers and notebook paper? Now that is the saddest thing I’ve ever written.