I love, love, LOVE punching my husband. It’s a daily occurrence in our house that I punch him at least once a day.

Now, don’t get me wrong, my hands are the size of a two-year olds and I only punch his arm. So basically it’s like a toddler is gently poking him. I think he secretly loves it, except for that rare occasion that I actually connect and hurt him. Those are the times I love it most!

This weekend I may have gone a little far. We were wrestling–yes really wrestling–and I went to poke him in the clavicle (Ladies this is a GREAT defense move if you ever need it) and my nail, which happened to be more like a talon at the time, GRAZED his neck. Barely touched him.

I made him bleed.

And now he has a scratch there and every time I look at it I laugh. Hysterically. I did trim my nails to get rid of the evidence.

Just know that if this post happens to be deleted it means he’s pressing charges.