Not a whole lot going on in the ol’ home front this week. Unless you want to hear about me working out or going to work that’s been about the highlights, err I should say lowlights, of the week.

A few random things though:

On Sunday while out to eat with my family my dad got busted for not the first, but the second time using Jergen’s Natural Glow lotion as moisturizer on his face. How did he get busted? Because it turned the edge of his silver head of hair a nice bronzy, orangish color. He actually thought his hair was turning back to its natural color.

My brother’s birthday was Monday. I offered to be a surrogate for him and his wife. They didn’t ask me to do this and they don’t need me to do this. I just thought I’d put the offer out there. Mainly because I’ve always wanted to tell people a la Phoebe from Friends that I’m having my brother’s baby. I’ll keep you updated on any developments if any arise. Don’t hold your breath.

Today, today my pants stink. I made the mistake of wearing them to a Hibachi restaurant and not washing them. (Have I ever mentioned how I never wash my pants? Fear of shrinkage.) I tried Febreezing them a few hundred times and now it just smells like smoky, Hibachi food with a Febreeze chaser. The food was worth the smell though and obviously Febreeze has met its match!

My brain feels lighter now.

Have a great weekend everyone!