I think everyone here knows I love my dogs more than a lot of things. Even more than some people that I know! Yes, honey, some days I love them even more than you!

But then there are days that I just want to wring their cute little necks. Especially when they listen to everyone but their own mother and father.

I can’t tell you how many times Sadie (the brown one) won’t come in when we call her.

She really is the most stubborn dog I have ever been around in my entire life.

And nothing makes me more angry than when I have an audience for her stubbornness. And then that audience gets to see me struggle to try to get her inside while she’s barking insanely at the neighbors. And then said audience, we’ll call that audience Lauren, goes to the back door, says, “SADIE GET IN RIGHT NOW!” And then the stubborn dog runs in like she miraculously got her hearing back and knows to come in.

I think she’s just trying to be a rebel and rebel against her parents. Or maybe she’s just a punk. 

Yeah, she’s just a punk.