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I love, love, love eating baked goods.

The end.

Ok, Not really.

Eating the baked goods technically is the end of the journey.  The problem is the rest of that journey.  I enjoy baking and if I have a whole day to do it I can really appreciate it.  However, when I don’t have time I usually want to give up about mid-way through the process of any baking adventure and just quit. 

That’s why 90% of the time I usually end up eating batter or cookie dough instead of the finished product.

I have a problem. I am the messiest baker ever. No really, you can ask anyone who has ever baked with me. Even a simple “add water and bake” type recipe ends up all over my kitchen. 

For example, last night I was making red velvet cake balls and honestly it looked like I had murdered someone in my kitchen. There was red EVERYWHERE! Then there was the melted chocolate everywhere. I spent a lot of the evening scraping that off of things. Oh and then how I used, let’s see, six different bowls. SIX. For cake pops which should require maybe at the most three.

On top of being the messiest baker I’m also apparently the messiest eater. I walk out from the kitchen and this is the conversation that follows:

Husband: “Did you try some of the icing?”
Me: “Why do you ask?”
Husband:”Just go look in the mirror…”
….Me looking in the mirror….
Husband: “Did you actually get any in your mouth?”

Also, I ate cake that got on my shirt.

This is the reality of my life.  I share it with you to make you feel better about yourself. You’re welcome.


The other day I was at my parent’s house eating lunch. I had run out of fruit and so I asked my mom if I could have an orange. She got very offended that I even asked her to have it.

“I’m not just going to take your food without asking Mom.”

“You’re my daughter. You can have any food you want in this house. WITHOUT ASKING.”

“Oh really? Even all of those Swiss Cake Rolls you used to hide when we were kids?”

“Yes even the hidden food. Look, I was just trying to protect you kids from unhealthy foods back then.”

“Oh really? So the Oatmeal Cream Pies were ok, but not the Swiss Cake Rolls?”

“Well, it at least had the word ‘oatmeal’ in its name.”

 Conclusion? I’m sticking with my mom on this one. Oatmeal=grain, Cream=dairy, and I’m sure there’s an egg for protein in there somewhere.

Now that’s a diet I can stick with.

*Update-My mom thinks that I think she is a bad mother. She was/is not a bad mother for letting me eat Oatmeal Creme Pies as a child. She is a WONDERFUL, perfect mother who doesn’t understand sarcasm. hehe

Oh this room…

Can you even call it a room when it’s just a glorified storage closet?

This is the next area in my house that’s being tackled. Not that the whole house isn’t a mish-mash of colors and patterns and random stuff here and there, but this room is particularly bad.

Between an OU dog bed, pink stuffed hippos and stemmed crystal candle holders this room is just a mess. A big mess.

I have a vision though.

And this functionless, mustardy storage closet will soon be home to a man cave. A small man cave, but a man cave nonetheless.

Now before you think, “Hey Angela–that’s really nice of you! You are a super cool wife and your husband is so lucky to have you!” this is all really out of selfishness. Don’t get me wrong, I am a super cool wife and am also SUPER nice, but I want my own tv. So I can watch DVR’d shows or do The Shred without him needing the tv to play his precious PlayStation 3 or to watch really bad SyFy movies.

So I will keep you updated on the progress.  I hope to have cut the mustard, the mustard wall color that is, and have it painted next week sometime. Baby steps people, baby steps.

Wish me luck!

Everyone, I don’t want you to be too intimidated by this picture.

I know, I know that’s three scary looking fellas there. My husband, his cousin, and my future brother-in-law.

They look straight from the street if you ask me.

Now let’s zoom out shall we?

And when I say “the street” obviously I mean Sesame Street. We’ve got Oscar the Grouch, Batman, and Michelangelo the Ninja Turtle. I know I’d run away from them screaming. Not because I was scared, no, more like because I was totally weirded out.

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?

Just in case this Snowpocalypse/Snowmaggeddon scenario truly plays out and it really is the end of the world like most people are making it out to be, I want you to know some things just in case.

  • I love peanut butter. I’ve actually grown to love natural peanut butter a lot more than the regular stuff. As soon as Whole Foods comes here I’m going to jump on the nut butter band wagon.
  • I don’t take care of my fingernails and I do in fact chew them off. I hate this about myself but it’s something I’ve just had to accept and move on. Speaking of nails, little Lexi (black dog) has broken her nail in half. Time for the super glue.
  • I’ve been eating really healthy the last eight or nine days. All it’s done for me is made me wish I hadn’t had so much fiber.
  • My husband makes me watch WWE. I actually really like it, but I enjoy acting annoyed with him anytime he turns it on.
  • Looking at some of my former crushes on Facebook makes me so thankful that God did not have me end up with them. Can I get an “AMEN!”
  • When a guy doesn’t open a door for me or any other female they are automatically labeled a jerk.
  • Speaking of jerk, I love beef jerky.
  • When addressing envelopes, it takes me a minute to remember which side the stamp goes on.
  • I purposely did all my cleaning yesterday so if said “Snowpocalypse” does hit, I won’t have to do a thing. Except workout.
  • I hate working out.
  • This weekend I had to buy little boy socks to get some to fit my feet.
  • I killed a beautiful indoor plant on Saturday. It was an accident. I SWEAR!

If you want to join the Snowpocalpyse confessions just shout them out in the comments. Let’s ride this out together!

So who all hasn’t had a chance to catch their breath this week before Christmas? (That is if you celebrate Christmas, if not you’re probably enjoying everyone running around like crazy trying to get stuff done!) My day has been jam-packed…

Let’s take a look shall we?

  • Get up at 6:10am to pick up my mom to go to the hospital where my dad is getting an angiogram to check to see if he needs a stent.
  • Make it to the hospital by 7:15ish to my father already harassing the nurses. My mom and I already start apologizing for his sarcastic comments.
  • Around 8:00am he gets carted off to get the angiogram…my mom and I watch the Today Show in the hospital room.
  • 8:20 they page us to come into a room for the doctor to talk to us. No STENT yay!
  • 8:45-10:30 hang out with my dad until he’s discharged. I almost was traumatized when he was getting out of his hospital bed…luckily he caught himself and told me to leave the room so I didn’t see him in all his glory.
  • 10:30-noon waste time at TJ Maxx waiting to meet my husband for lunch at Chilis. Eat too much.
  • 1:00pm-2:00pm search around four different stores for part of a gift for my husband. Found it but can’t reveal it just yet. And when I reveal it you’re going to not be impressed at all.
  • 2:00pm-2:15pm laid down for a minute. Actually fifteen to be exact.
  • 2:15pm-10:30pm wrap presents, yell at barking dogs, video tape dog barking at cat on roof, yell at dogs, bake, bake, bake, bake…

And now here I am…exhausted.

While this post isn’t funny and it’s kind of pointless I felt I should share why I can barely function enough to type a coherent story. 

Maybe tomorrow I’ll share my six-hour shopping trip with my mother on Monday…it. is. riveting.  

Lazy winter days…as captured by yours truly.

Here’s my typical set up at home. Remotes-check! Laptop-check! Target Christmas catalog-check! Nerdy Sy-Fy show on tv–CHECK! (Ghost Hunters for those of you unfamiliar-nerd alert!)

Snowman and sheep sheepishly smiling at me. Oh I am HILARIOUS! It sort of looks like they both just need some Bean-O.

A rare sighting of Sadie by the food bowl. Of course just getting a drink, not actually eating. I’m pretty sure I have an anorexic dog.

My blurry husband coming home from a basketball game after I’d been sitting on my butt all day.  Pretty typical of our relationship.

Fireplace. Another creepy smiling snowman. These pics were all taken from my view at home, while sitting, and using my camera phone because I’m too lazy to stand up, move around, and get my actual camera to take pictures.

You’re welcome.

Wow, where have I been? Apparently I’ve been busy or at least the lack of posting makes it look that way.

I have one question for you today: How could I have possibly injured myself while sleeping? I’m sitting here at work in pain because I somehow injured my shoulder-blade. I’m sure this is setting me up for some trauma that’s going to happen while I actually have time off from work. It never fails that when I have vacation time I always get sick. ALWAYS.

I think the injury really is from a behemoth of a dog stealing my whole side of the bed. Now I would normally just lightly tap her with my foot to get her to move, ok honestly I would have kicked her-literally, until she hopped off the bed.  Unfortunately Monday night my husband hardly slept so I was trying to not wake him up. See how respectful I am? I am without a doubt the best wife ever. 

Instead I quietly got up, gave up my spot (and dignity) and slept on the couch and I think I pinched a nerve in my shoulder-blade or possibly dislocated my shoulder. I may be over exaggerating  a bit but I was not in pain before I went to bed and now I am in pain. I do remember fighting off a dinosaur in my dreams so maybe that has something to do with it.

So here I sit, possibly dying a slow and painful death, or possibly with something minor like a pinched nerve. Either way I’m grumpy, sleepy, and hungry. Three out of the seven dwarfs. This is going to be a long day.

So get this, my husband and I were having a nice little evening last night. We caught up on Fact or Faked (which has now made me question the moon landing. Nice try Neil Armstrong, nice try.) and then watched The Sing Off. My husband absolutely loves a cappella. He would be in a group if someone let him. Granted he’s never sang in public before or had voice lessons or sang in a choir or anything but I’m sure some group would let him in. Are you listening Straight No Chaser??

That show is so fun and it constantly gets songs stuck in your head. Well, Monday night’s show had a group singing Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.” I had it stuck in my head and so I was singing and dancing. Doing a wonderful job if I do say so myself. I was mimicking them singing and dancing, or at least that’s what I thought I was doing. My husband stopped me after about two seconds.

Him: “What are you doing?”

Me: “What does it look like? Dancing of course.”

Him: “You look like a robotic dinosaur.”

Me: “Whatever! You just don’t know what I’m trying to mimic.”

Him: “Well it looks like you’re trying to mimic a robotic tyrannosaurus rex.”

Well if I’m trying to mimic a robotic tyrannosaurus rex then he must be one heck of a dancer. I still haven’t heard the end of it. That’s why I put laxatives in his dinner last night and he’s home in bed.


This weekend was highlighted by a few events. Here they are in no particular order.

1. At a restaurant the waiter (who was awesome by the way and was voice twins with David Bromstad) got miffed because they forgot to put bacon on my club sandwich. He wasn’t miffed at me but I, being super sensitive, took it personally. He asked, “Why is it so quite at the table all of a sudden?” I said, “Well I think we had a falling out over the bacon…” To which he replied, “Yeah, I am mad at you.” And he never took it back or said “just joking!” I think he was joking only because my husband ended the evening by dumping iced tea all over his lap and the waiter just said, “I don’t even know where to begin in helping you.” And he walked off and never returned. Now that was funny.


Me, the only OU Sooner fan, went with a bunch of Husker fans (including my husband) to the Big XII Championship game.

The “men” (yes, quotes are necessary for that description) at those things above. The thought of sticking one of those in mouth gave me the willies (pun intended) so I passed.

This is me with my cousin-in-law. Before you ask, yes all of my in-laws are gorgeous and I’m not sure why I keep taking my picture with any of them.

The result of the game?

That’s right-OU was victorious. I’m pretty sure I’m the reason they won.

3. My cousin-in-law was pretty sure she walked in on a drug deal in a gas station. I went to the restroom in that same gas station and apparently it was too far of a walk from the toilet to the trashcan for some women to dispose of their sanitary items. It was disgusting. I’m not really sure why I felt the need to share that with you.

4. On the way home the cousin-in-law and I were in one car and the boys ahead of us in another car. A car proceeded to cut us off and then had the audacity to flip us off! We did what any other person would do in that situation–we rear-ended them and then beat them up. Ok, we did nothing. Absolutely nothing–which is exactly what our mothers would want to hear in that situation.

What did everyone else do this weekend?